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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long is each workout?

All workouts are approximately 1 hour

Do you offer modifications?

Yes, classes are geared to all fitness levels as modifications are offered for everyone

What equipment is needed, if any?

Virtual classes require weights and/or resistance bands.  If you do not have access to weights, get creative! Water bottles, detergent bottles, etc. 

*In person classes will require yoga mat only

Cancellation policy

No refunds will be offered and classes are non-transferable. 

How can I access class virtually?

Virtual classes are hosted via the Zoom platform.  Zoom links are sent upon purchase of a virtual class. Zoom link is specific to the individual paying.  Links cannot be shared. Please be sure you have access to a reliable internet connection at the time of class.

What if I am unable to join class due to a technical issue?

Technical issues must be emailed to immediately.  Details regarding the issue experienced along with a screenshot and/or picture must be attached to the email as proof.  Please allow 24-48 hours for review and response to determine if refund is eligible.  Please note, you must be sure you have a reliable internet connection to attend class.  Poor connection on the clients behalf does not constitute a technical issue. 

In person classes policy

Temperature check per CDC guideline/Covid-19 policy will be taken prior to entering the facility.  If a fever is detected, you will be asked to leave and follow-up with a physician. Social distancing and mask rules apply per New Jersey state guidelines.  Dogpound facility waiver must be signed for in person classes.  Waiver can be reviewed online at  and printed for completion prior to attending an in person class.

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